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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 24, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ ♪ single good evening. global outrage after the isil released a video of radical islamist terrorists beheading an american journalist. the isil claims it did the barbaric act in retaliation for u.s. air strikes in iraq. the expansion of isil is accelerating in the region. and isil's decapitation of an innocent journalist prompted president obama to take another pause in his two-week vacation to address the killing of james foley. here is the president speaking from martha's vineyard.
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>> the united states of america will continue to do what we must do to protect our people. we will be vigilant and we will be relentless. when people harm americans anywhere, we do what's necessary to see that justice is done. and we act against isil standing alongside others. >> the president went on to say the united states would continue its air strikes against isil despite its threat to kill another american held hostage. in fact, those air strikes today were ramped up, another 14 strikes near iraq's mosul dam, the dam that iraqi and kurdish forces have just recaptured from isil. the obama administration may send, we are told, another 300 of our troops to iraq, mainly to provide additional security at the u.s. embassy in baghdad. there's no final decision yet. but it would bring the total number of american troops there to 1,100.
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at issue, whether the president has severely underestimated both al qaeda and isil, the group he once dismissed as a, quote, j.v. team of terrorists. interestingly after the president expressed his condolences to foley's family and announced isil in five minutes of remarks, he went off to play another round of golf, his seventh round in ten days. his retreat to the golf course in stark comparison to the conduct of british prime minister david cameron who's also been on vacation. but when prime minister cameron was advised that foley's killer is a terrorist suspected of being a british citizen, he returned to 10 downing street to further address the threat of terrorists who are holding british passports. we'll be taking all of this up here tonight with a former ambassador to iraq, christopher hill. but first, more on the tragic death of james foley. senior administration officials
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tonight reveal a u.s. special operations team tried and failed to rescue foley and other americans held hostage in syria during a secret mission earlier this summer. it took place in a remote area of syria where commandos exchanged fire with terrorists and militants but did not find those hostages. that is likely to provide little comfort to james foley's friends and family. his parents today spoke about their son and his killers outside their home. >> jim's captors believe very strongly in what they're doing. they knew jim was innocent. >> they're very ruthless. they knew jimmy was a symbol of -- >> the goodness in america. the best of america. >> they realized that he would be a person of concern and that anything bad happening to him would be -- >> would hurt. >> would hurt. >> the foleys went on to ask
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isil for mercy for other americans held captive. the terrorists are now threatening to kill them as well. intelligence analysts are also analyzing video of foley's murder, looking for any clues to find those responsible. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with our report. >> the intelligence value of the video includes the identification of the executioner, whether he is a known jihadist to the fbi, as well as the date and location where the beheading was carried out. as a senior lawmaker explains. >> every little speck of information on that video will be a clue for the intelligence community, both to verify if it was accurate and true, number one. and two if that were the case, can they put a place and can they work to try to identify who that individual might be. >> jihadists recently reposted images on the web of american nick berg who was beheaded a decade ago in iraq.
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based on this social media in traffic and other date, the u.s. intelligence community was aware of direct threats to foley. isis said they would do it. while u.s. officials believe at least two other americans are being held by isis, steven sotloff on the video, the state department offered few details. >> we are aware of other american citizens, including mr. sotloff, being held in syria. >> the video with its horrifying simplici simplicity, the fact that sotloff and foley are together in the isis stronghold shows a level of sophistication. >> they have a lot of enemies in both countries that they have to keep these hostages sheltered frr in order to maintain control of them.
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>> isis doesn't need the money, after they raided iraqi banks and took control of northern oil fields. >> with the james foley video, isis shows they're trying to use hostages in a way that shocks us into submission. >> the obama administration will rely on a law enforcement model, including a traditional fbi investigation to bring foley's killers to justice. yet u.s. intelligence officials have complained in the past about the difficulty of operating in syria and iraq. >> joining us now is christopher hill, former u.s. ambassador to iraq, dean of the university of denver's joseph porbell school of international studies and the author of "outpost." good to have you with us, ambassador. >> thank you. >> does the beheading, in your judgment, of james foley -- does it mark an escalation in the fight against isil or is it, in
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fact, a sign of weakness on the part of isil? your thoughts? >> i think it's probably the latter. i think they've probably been quite spooked by these very effective american air strikes. after all, the kurdish, pe peshmerga and some iraqi forces were able to take back the mosul dam. not possible without these air strikes. and now these air strikes have intensified and perhaps as a result of this hideous crime. so i suspect that this could be, if not a turning point, then certainly an important moment here because i think we're seeing the world is outraged. and i think we're going to -- some people are going to start ga getting their war paint on over this. >> when you say war those people include president obama who seemed rather, frankly, muted emotionally in his remarks today and then he
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trotted off to the golf course. it was a peculiar tone he took. >> well, i think you have to look at the action on the ground. we've done a lot more air strikes now in the last 24 hours as a result of this. there's also some good news in baghdad. we have an incoming prime minister not named maliki. we've seen that the kurdish foreign minister who was in the previous government had left has now come back in. so we're seeing some more cooperation with the kurds. of course we'd like to see some more with the sunnis and with the sunni countries in the region. but my hope is that we really are beginning to see an effort against isil and not just pinprick bombings of the kinds we've seen in the past. but things that will have some effect on them. it appears isil is beginning to feel that effect. >> this is the same organization as i noted earlier in the
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broadcast the president once called a j.v. terrorist team. this is a peculiar underestimation on the part of our intelligence services of isil, of al qaeda. at what point does this country recognize, does our government recognize that this is a threat that has to be eradicated? or do you think it is a threat, i should ask you? >> i do this it's -- >> that we can coexist with. >> no, i think it's a threat. and the more we're in it, the more we engage in these air strikes, the more we bring in some special forces to help the iraqis and help the peshmerga, the more isil or isis realizes that we're in the fight and so we become to some extent a target and that's what i think has happened with this crime, this beheading. so i think whether we like it or not, we're involved. the question is how far does the
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president want to take us? i think he seems pretty firm about no u.s. boots on the ground. but it appears that we're able to coordinate iraqi and kurdish boots with our air operations. so i think we're involved. the big question is, of course, you can't just solve this with air strikes. you have to have a broader plan. you have to have some concept of what you're doing in syria. a number of people including hillary clinton talked about how we need to be providing weapons to some participants in the syrian civil war. well, it appears that it's very difficult to find moderates and give weapons to. besides, that doesn't really amount to a future strategy for what's going to happen in syria. so there are really many more questions that are still out there than answers that have been provided. >> i think that's commendably candid of you to say that. i also think a large question
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looms as to why we still are listening to leaders who have been unsuccessful in achieving strategic goals and laying out, in fact, a strategic vision to defeat radical islamist terrorism and without that strategy, i don't see how we could possibly succeed. do you? >> well, we've had a tough guy with a policy that essentially wants to see regime continuation in iraq, whether it's under maliki or under mr. al abadi. regime continuation in iraq with regime change in syria. by the way, change of regime that is a mortal enemy of isis. so that has been a tough one to harmonize and work on together. so i think to solve this, we're really going to have to look at a more regional approach. we're going to have to get countries that have clearly been aiding and abetting isis to stop doing that and to get them on the right side of this.
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so a huge heavy-duty diplomatic chore. and the question is whether we have the interest, the staying power to do that diplomatically. >> ambassador, good to have you with us. ambassador christopher hill. >> thank you. attorney general eric holder is in ferguson, missouri. he promises a fair investigation but he's already joined president obama in questioning local and state police tactics and integrity. former obama justice department attorney christian adams joins me next. i had no idea i had shingles. there was like an eruption on my skin and burning. i'd lift my arm and the pain back here was excruciating. when i went to the doctor his first question was "did you have chickenpox?"
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i thought it was something that, you know, old people got.
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our next guest says attorney general eric holder's civil rights division has engaged in a war against police departments all around this country.
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and his appearance in ferguson, missouri, today is all about dividing americans on the basis of race. joining us is christian adams, former u.s. department of justice attorney. he served under both presidents bush and obama. author of the book "injustice, exposing the racial agenda of the obama justice department." christian, good to have you with us. those are tough charges. d.o.j. investigating police departments all over the country, why? >> well, it's part of this larger narrative that america is a place where nobody can get a fair shake and the police are occupying powers in a lot of communities. so the way that the holder justice department deals with this is by prosecuting police officers, engaging in extensive shakedowns and trainings of how they should behave. so this justice department, as
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soon as they took power, ramped up these efforts against local police departments and frankly, some of the efforts have been purely abusive, lou. >> abusive and have they succeeded or have they been turned back? >> well, look, let's define success. in new orleans, lou, they charged a number of police officers in the wake of hurricane katrina with civil rights violations, the exact kind of thing they're looking at in ferguson. and there was extraordinarily grotesque prosecutorial misconduct. justice department lawyers who work in the office that will be investigating ferguson were found to have committed just outrageous prosecutorial misconduct. lying to the court, it's incredible when you read the 120-page opinion by the federal judge. and these are the fact -- >> this is the determination of a federal judge? >> that's right.
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this is not christian adams. this is a federal judge ruled the justice department lawyers working for holder committed gross prosecutorial misconduct. they work at the civil rights division now investigating ferguson. >> and that civil rights division, as you stated, has a checkered history, if you will, in terms of corruption and misconduct. the attorney general has said he is going to insist on a full and fair investigation after making some rather prejudicial remarks about the integrity of the local government, the local prosecutor, the police department. what are your thoughts? >> here's why -- >> can they conduct a fair investigation? >> here's why he's doing that, lou. this is about politics and this is about the election. it's very important for the obama administration to keep the
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fable alive that america is an oppressive place for minorities. this is part of this left wing effort to run down the american legal system. the other thing is, it's about the election. you have to mobilize the base in order to win the midterm elections. holder's appearance today in a, by the way, boeing 757, which i think is the vice president's. he normally takes a gulf stream. lord knows what that costs. it was to have an appearance of a conquering fellow. it's all about politics, not about substance. but we're used to that after six years of this administration. >> black leaders, protesters calling for, indeed the governor of missouri, jay nixon, calling for the ouster of bob mccullough, the county prosecutor, to be removed from the case. the governor apparently has the power to do so but hasn't done it, just calls on him to resign.
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why is he suddenly under attack? >> well, he's under attack because his father, almost 50 years ago, was a police officer who was killed by a black murderer. so now the civil rights groups agitate to have this man removed from the case because of something that happened during the johnson administration. this is how rancid the modern civil rights movement is. it's not about equality anymore. it's about undermining the american legal system, threats, intimidation, rigging the justice system for police officers. it's completely turned upside down in ferguson. we see it every night when the bottles start hurtling. >> mccullough was elected by the predominantly black community of ferguson, we should point out, four times. including when he ran against one opponent who was black. it seems like uphill work for his critics, his detractors and
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those who are motivated politically, right? >> well, it probably is. but don't forget, this is the same governor, governor nixon, who can remove him, who said he wants to see a vigorous prosecution, not investigation, but actual prosecution. who knows what's going to come out of that with the pressure being applied by these racial interest groups. >> you talked about rancid. sounds like missouri has a state government and local organization of politics that is rancid in its political motivation. astonishing to witness in 2014. thank you very much, christian. >> thanks, lou. >> crimson -- christian adams. up next, my commentary. who's running away from this
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president, next?
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a few thoughts tonight on what many people around the world see now as the spectacle of ferguson, a spectacle much
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like a train wreck that is at once tragic and from which eyes cannot be averted. this is a humbling moment for america in large measure because our national leadership has lacked humility for so long. china's state-run news agency calling on the united states to, quote, concentrate on solving its own problems rather than always pointing fingers at others, end quote. russia's foreign ministry taking the opportunity to advise the obama administration to, quote, pay more attention to restoring order in their own country before imposing their dubious experience on other nations. end quote. egypt's leadership has not forgotten that president obama once insisted mubarak must go. and so they mock mr. obama as they echo a favorite line of his
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oft-repeated foreign officials, urging foreign leaders did not further mock president obama by drawing a specific red line in ferguson. but the president's own party certainly has. while the white house says there are no immediate plans for president obama to travel to ferguson or anywhere near that town, nonetheless democratic candidates and democratic party officials are telling the president to stay away. senator claire mccaskill calling a presidential visit a bad idea. congressman emanuel cleaver said it would add, quote, another distortion to the situation. we don't want anymore distortions, do we? other democrats are flat-out running from this president. harry reid astonished as how disengaged mr. obama seems. he told staffers, about the
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blocking of obama nominees, the president telling reid, he said, you and mitch work it out. that's according to "the new york times" which also report mr. obama is, quote, remarkably distant from his own party on capitol hill, citing nearly two dozen interviews with lawmakers and staffers. a disengaged president, an activist attorney general, rioting and looting and the politics of exploitation, not the stuff of which solutions are likely to be found and formed in ferguson, not the stuff of hope and change. we're coming right back. al sharpton, jesse jackson and others are being blasted by fellow african-americans for their presence and their actions in ferguson. "wall street journal" editorial board member jason riley is one
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our next guest says we need to confront the basic fundamental problem in black communities and he says it's black criminality and black leaders need to stop making excuses for it. joining us is "wall street journal's" jason riley, author of the new book "please stop helping us." jason, good to have you here. i have to say, ferguson is becoming a hotbed of confusion and contradiction and violence and seemingly without explanation. we've watched 11 days of conflict without any impulse, it seems, in that community to wait for a judgment about what happened that day. >> and the irresponsibility is starting in the white house, i think, with piggybacking an investigation rather than letting it run its course the
11:32 pm
way it is normally done. nothing has been alleged in terms of misconduct by the people doing the investigation, which would be one reason to get involved by the federal government. >> right. >> or if this police department had some history of civil -- violation of civil rights, which has not been alleged here. i think this is -- like your last guest, it's done for political reasons. obama's got a black base he's trying to appease here. and it's the optics he's interested in. >> my gosh, the political problems he must have if he must act in this way to secure a base that voted for him by 95%. my lord, look at this quote, if you would. from missouri state senator if we could put that full screen up, saying, if you should decide not to indict this police officer, the rioting we have witnessed this past week will seem like a picnic compared to the havoc that will likely
11:33 pm
occur. >> and by eric holder going there, i think he is reinforcing that -- what kind of pressure is he bringing to bear on these local prosecutors? and eric holder of all people -- the whole reason you want an independent attorney general is in case they need to step into a situation like this. but his rhetoric on race over the years has been so irresponsible, lou, that i don't think he has any credibility. when you go out on the sunday shows and accuse criticism of the president and the attorney general of being racially motivated, you are acting very irresponsibly. when you appear up in harlem with agitators like al sharpton, arm in arm, making the same accusations about the motivations of your critics, you are not acting responsibly and you lose credibility when you try and step into conflicts like this. >> black leaders have been critical of the way obama's handled this.
11:34 pm
michael dyson said, he failed us not only as black people but as a nation. that's from dyson, an obama supporter. you've got -- jesse jackson saying this was a state execution without a scintilla of evidence at his command. >> you're talking about professional agitators when you're talking about al sharpton and jesse jackson. this is what they do. they've been doing this for 40 years. this is how they line their pockets. but they don't want to talk about the real root problem here, which is black criminality. blacks are overrepresented in this country, way overrepresented among law-breakers. if you look at arrest rates for all manner of property crime, blacks are arrested at two to three times their rate in the population. and that is what is driving this tension in these communities. that is what is driving these conflicts with law enforcement. and that's what the black leadership does not want to talk about, black crime rates. it's not just a perception based
11:35 pm
on nothing, it's based on hard data. and we need to do something about black behavior. it's tragic when you look at -- between 1976 and 2005, blacks committed an absolute majority of murders in this country, even though blacks are only 13% of the population. you look at stats like that and we have to confront them head-on. we can't make exudeses that it's poverty, that it's unemployment, that it's racism. it's black behavior we need to confront head-on. we're not going to solve the problem if we won't talk about it honestly. >> and where are the african-american community leaders? jesse jackson in chicago condemning ferguson, missouri, a little town of 21,000 without any evidence at this point, while in his own city, i think there were 26 shootings in chicago over that same weekend and al sharpton goes to
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ferguson, missouri. >> the leaders have a whole separate agenda, which is keeping themselves relevant. they keep themselves relevant by talking about whites should be doing on behalf of blacks instead of what blacks should be doing on behalf of themselves. the jesse jacksons and al sharptons who are in the business of blaming things on whites lose relevance. they don't want to talk about personal behavior. but we're not going to solve this problem until we do. >> you're saying basically for political purposes the obama administration, professional agitators like al sharpton and jesse jackson, are willing to expend a community of 21,000 people -- >> i think we have plenty of evidence that this administration thinks nothing of dividing us racially to meet its own political agenda. eric holder talking about republican conspiracy to suppress the black vote is -- with the voter id laws, is doing that.
11:37 pm
it is dividing this nation by race to meet a political end. this administration has engaged in that for years. >> and the truth be damned. jason riley, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. the quotation of the evening, this quote from 21st century fox chairman and ceo rupert murdock talking about the middle east and in particular the isil. or isis. saying, isis can only be beaten by a policy of elimination and even then with difficulty. this is a historic war of b barbarrism versus civil invitation. governor rick perry turns himself in after being indicted. former house speaker dennis hastert on why texas democrats are in far more trouble than governor perry. want to know how hard it can be...
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joining us now, former speaker of the house, dennis hastert. dennis, great to have you with us. >> thanks, lou. great to be here. >> is it your sense right now the republicans are going to take the senate? >> i think it's a pretty good chance. this fickle business in politics, never a sure thing. but i think it's a very good possibility. looks like even places like new hampshire now. there are places that we never even thought were close are close. what is happening to the democratic party, they've had folks who voted in this country have had six years of the obama administration and it's a reaction not just to democrats themselves but to a party that's really failed to lead this country. >> a party that has supported throughout president obama who is now, i think it's fair to say, wildly unpopular, and the
11:42 pm
events in ferguson, missouri, certainly not helping him. give us your sense of how he is handling that, how the federal government could do better? >> i look at this, i did a quick math -- only 6% of the people arrested were actually from ferguson, missouri. the rest are from outside. it would be simple to me, i'd put marshal law and put nighttime peace in position on that city and keep the outsiders out. >> and the idea that president obama himself will not travel there, that his attorney general who has politicized, most people would agree, the justice department as no attorney general has since john mitchell, how likely is it that he can be a positive influence in a city that is on, if you will,
11:43 pm
tinterhooks? >> i think there's no confidence in ferguson, missouri, or outside of ferguson, missouri, that this attorney general can get the job done. this guy's been an actor all the way through the clinton administration. whenever they had a dirty deed to do, they sent up eric holder to do it. he's got a long rap sheet of being partisan, being uncooperative and bullying the process. >> dennis hastert, we thank you for being here. >> my pleasure, thanks. >> former speaker of the house. up next, more than 1,000 people have died as a result of the ebola pandemic. the world health organization has some advice now. dr. natalie azar is next.
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joining us now, dr. natalie azar of nyu langone medical center. great to have you with us. 1,145 people dead because of ebola. w.h.o. says it's out of control. every association, organization says it's out of control. what do we have to do to get it under control? >> the issue -- we were speaking a few weeks ago that one of the main reasons that there's been such an epidemic this time is partly because of a lack of understanding among the people of west africa of how the disease is transmitted and spread, partly because of some cultural issues, burial, rituals and habits. >> but these are the same people that have had to contend with ebola -- >> but not on the west african coast. the majority of the cases were in kenya or the sudan. one of the reasons we've seen such a rampant rise this time around is because of industrialization.
11:48 pm
there's a lot more cross-contamination within these countries -- >> but the w.h.o. has nothing to do but anticipate these cultural issues. why should any health organization be surprised by the lack of education and the barriers to success in dealing with a pandemic? >> all very good questions. it's hard to speak on their behalf, to say, how can we anticipate -- >> we just want your view. >> these cases are sporadic. so there hasn't been -- there was one a few years ago. then a few years ago before that. it's hard to predict when and where it's going to happen. >> predict this for me, doctor. >> okay. >> predict when it's going to be under control. >> i think it's going to take a lot longer. sounds like a lawyer answer, a lot longer than we anticipated. case in point is this west point looting, this area -- >> of the ebola treatment center. >> yes. which speaks to just how
11:49 pm
dramatically either uneducated or -- the misconceptions these people have about the disease. there's talk that they think it's a hoax, et cetera. the disease can be contained. we've seen it work in nigeria. there have been 12 cases. they've isolated exposed people, quarantining them, testing them. >> is it working? is it a possible response? >> there are three aid workers in liberia who have received it who are doing well supposedly. one person who's received the vaccination has died. the biggest chance for surviving this illness is what we call supportive care, treating the electrolite imbalances. we have to see human studies. we haven't had that yet. >> boots on the ground, i think would be the metaphor. >> exactly. >> thanks so much, doctor. >> pleasure to be here. up next, the kiss and makeup
11:50 pm
session that wasn't going according to script. bestselling author ed klein joins us revealing hillary clinton's next attack on president obama. shingles affected me tremendously as a pilot. the pain in my scalp area and down the back of my neck was intense. it would have been virtually impossible in that confined space to move to change radio frequencies. i mean it hurt. i couldn't even get up and drive
11:51 pm
let alone teach somebody and be responsible in an airplane. as a pilot that meant i was grounded.
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11:53 pm
our next guest says hillary clinton did not hug it out with president obama on martha's vineyard last week. in fact, it was quite a much more tense encounter than we were led to expect. joining us now is ed klein, author of the bestselling book "blood feud." good to have you here. the idea that these two would hug -- >> it was a nonstarter, to begin with. >> she seems committed to running even though she can
11:54 pm
still pull back and still make adjustments and calibrations. but the more she attacks obama, the more likely, it seems, that she would be a candidate, right? >> oh, absolutely. and one of the things i reported recently is that bill clinton has put together a whole series of policy books totalling about 5,000 pages to which she's supposed to memorize -- to memorize all this stuff. and i think that's what she's very good at is memorizing these issues. but of course when she gives them out, when she talks, it doesn't sound as though it's coming directly from her heart. it sounds more like she's just repeating words that bill has put in her mouth. >> hillary clinton's lead in the polls against a host of republican potential candidates, not necessarily viable, but a host of them, where does this -- is she impelled to run after
11:55 pm
looking at these numbers -- are people like chris christie thinking about stepping back a bit? >> my sources tell me that chris christie is very, very serious about running despite all these so-called scandals in new jersey, that his financial backers are urging him to keep on going because they think he is the most likely candidate to beat hillary clinton. he's got the kind of connection with an audience that she could never possibly achieve. >> and chris christie, i know, is a favorite of a number of people on wall street, corporate america. >> yes. >> the money seems to still be there even though there continue to be these reports that they're seeking out other candidates. hillary clinton still has a lead over the very popular front-runners amongst those republicans, even rand paul, though, we're seeing some encroachment by him against her in the latest polls. >> i've been talking to the very
11:56 pm
republicans you just mentioned. and they went from christie at one point, then they went to jeb bush and now they're thinking about mitt romney. but their heart is really with chris christie because they think chris christie has the charisma, the connection and that he can overcome these new jersey scandals. >> can he, in your judgment? >> no. >> really? >> i don't think he can. >> as we're watching these candidates, no one is talking about amongst the republicans ferguson, missouri. this president is trying to not leave his fingerprints, even though his policies obviously have contributed mightily to what has happened in terms of jobs, business creation, household net income in that small community of 21,000 people.
11:57 pm
>> i think looking into this -- i find it very interesting that the president and rand paul -- i'm sorry, paul ryan, my mistake. paul ryan have said, let's not politicize ferguson, missouri, both of them. and yet in my view, it is a political issue because the more rioting, the more looting, the more disorder, the more i believe this plays into the desire on the part of the american public for law and order because we've seen both on the border with mexico, disorder. we see overseas disorder. i think that ultimately this is going to play into the hands of the republicans. and i think it's a plus for them in their run for the senate. >> in the run for the senate. this president is also -- he has the opportunity, it seems to me, to step forward as the first
11:58 pm
african-americ african-american/biracial president, go to ferguson, meet with people and lead. >> yes. >> he is running from ferguson as hard as he can. >> he's between a rock and a hard place. on the one hand, he comes back from vacation with the idea, maybe i ought to do something with an executive order for amnesty for several million illegal immigrants, which is not popular at all in the african-american community. >> do you think there might be more fergusons if he were to do that? because he is pitting one group of people economically against -- >> that is so true. >> and in ferguson, he does not seem to want to assert law and order despite what you think would be the appropriate response from any president. rioters, looters, he doesn't say
11:59 pm
law and order, he doesn't call upon them to stand down and to respect law and order. to what degree the republicans can capitalize, seems to me, depends on which of these republicans stand up and actually speak honestly, forthrightly about the situation there and what they would do. >> yes. i was struck by a sense of confusion that this president has in how he looked during his press conference. he looked to me very haggard, tired. so he was a guy who hadn't gotten a lot of sleep lately, as though he didn't know what to do next. >> we thank you, ed klein, as always. good to have you with us. >> thank you very much. >> we have time for a few of your comments. murph said, president obama has never had a job that required strategic planning as foreign policy shows that. mckinney said, in my life, i've never seen the temperature of our nation hotter than what it currently is.
12:00 am
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